How the market reacted to Trump victory?

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Having gone through a short but intense course on capital markets over the month I think I have a little bit more understanding of how politics, policies and markets are correlated. The following is a quick and simple summary of … Continued


What I learned in 2015

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Here is a list of lessons I learned in the year 2015 and a few over the years. It is pretty much going to be a compilation of obvious facts that one may get to see on heavily filtered instagram photos with … Continued

Hill Tribes of Thailand

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Visiting the Hill Tribes of Thailand gave me a lot of mixed feelings. From whether at all it is ethical to visit a place such as this to thoughts about how the modern culture seeps into even the most preserved … Continued

Hanoi – Vietnam

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Recently me and my dad went backpacking, or rather flashpacking, to Vietnam and Cambodia! Everything about the trip was unconventional, starting from the random selection of the locations, not having an agenda and most importantly me and my dad didn’t … Continued

Driving in Mumbai

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One has to experience driving a vehicle in Mumbai. Over the weekend I decided to pick up a friend and go to Bandra, such an innocent plan, but I was a naive new driver in the city and hence not prepared for … Continued

When I was little

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When I was little I could accomplish much more than any adult could at anytime. I used to fly, I believed I could see bacteria, I turned into a mermaid occasionally, touched the sky when I jumped, was friends with … Continued

Wise and otherwise

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  What I think is wise might be otherwise so much love,so much hate both served in the same plate for the closest is most distant and moods change every instant Extremes unite in a perfect blend Struggling to realise this … Continued