Sunday, August 24, 2014

7 Days in Thailand : Chiang Mai Day 2

Day started with a short trek in the Pui National park.

Hill tribe guide showed us incredible things. One of them being a tree that stores water in its bark.Has to be the ultimate luxury mineral water!

Many pretty sights. Saw a Cinchona tree, which is known to be the source of quinine.



There were about 7 water falls secretly tucked away here and there.This one was so grand, I am adding perspective to its grandness here :)

In the middle of the trek, out of no where appeared a small little cafe, the people who work here pluck fresh coffee seeds, roast it, grind and prepare coffee for whomsoever stops by. For no money.
We met a monk here in the cafe, he prayed for us and offered his blessings :)

Then there was this cutie, sitting so patiently, on his own.

Ended the trek with the visit to The highest  point in Thailand, situated in Doi Inthanon national park. This peak is infact a part of Thai highlands, which are a part of the end of Himalayan ranges that end in Thailand! How fascinating!

The peak had the scent of joss sticks mixed with the smell of moss.

Visited the Napapoon Phoom-siri Chedi. A buddhist temple with beautiful scriptures describing Buddha's life. The temple had this divine view.