Monday, May 12, 2014

7 Days in Thailand : Chiang Mai Day 1

It has been quite a while since the first post about my visit to Thailand, and ideally should have have been published right after that one, but as you can see, a post about seriousness creeped in the middle;
I guess the fact that I was thinking so much about seriousness that I wrote a post about it shows why I wasn't posting about Thailand!

Chiang Mai was magic! The thought of it triggers memories of sweet incense, open air temples , smiling Buddha statues , golden paintings, bustling pubs, fresh flowers, culture, colour, lush greens, simple mountain dwellers, charming tribal groups,fresh strong coffee, monks and their prayers and the most exotic food!

I stayed in a beautiful little guesthouse build in Lanna style architecture, the place was like home and not a hotel, and that is what made it more charming. I was to meet a few friends of friends I had never known before, just to realise later that I would be meeting some of the mot interesting people in life and would also be going about Chiang Mai as a local would!

First off, headed to grab some food!

We then headed to Wiang Kum Kam, an ancient city that has been recently excavated. There are almost as much as 40 excavations in the premise. Wiang Kum Kam is certainly not a place thats going to take your take your breath away, rather it is a place so peaceful and serene, you can pause for a moment and catch your breath :)

What was the most charming though was our tour guide, she was 82 and could not speak a word in english, but she has to be the best guide I have ever had. She was so full of life and so passionate, I could go on  looking at her beautiful smiling face.

There are many temple complexes around here, but one that caught my attention has to be the old Buddha statue that stands in the open air, the smell of incense, the flowers and the cool breeze created such a powerful impression in my mind!

Then, had the most exotic food I tasted and seen at a lovely restaurant called The Whole Earth that serves food in original Celadon porcelain, which is quite interesting.

The second and third days will be a post on their own! Please be tuned :)