Friday, March 21, 2014

The thing about being in a mental state of seriousness

Today I want to talk about seriousness, about a sort of an epiphany that I am having, nothing groundbreaking actually, just a bunch of obvious facts that suddenly hit me like a wave.

The thing about being a serious person is that life doesn’t care whether you lived a very serious life or how you did not have too much fun, did not laugh hard enough or controlled yourself so much so that you appeared all correct all the time.

The whole phenomena starts when parents expect you to ‘act’ all serious suddenly; it starts with board exams : “Its 10th std so you need to be serious now, no TV”, then in college : “You are socializing too much , its time to be serious”

To give parents a little bit of credit : It is probably imperative that this seriousness is inculcated  in childhood so that kids have a decent future. But seriously, once you grow up , it is a task to unlearn the habit and STOP taking things so seriously!

In my life as an adult, the more serious I have been in a situation , the lesser I have been able to perform. My best performances in life were when I was at ease.

You want to get something really bad, so you decide that you will put all your time and waking hours into it and achieve your life goal. All OK.. but there is no real reward for you for that sort of seriousness.

I need to digress now little bit, I think it’s the culture and the family you are born that also determines how you fare in the seriousness meter. South Indians, my guess is that have taken seriousness a little too far here. In this culture people are respected when they are serious. No faltoo jokes here and these guys look all stoney faced and matter of factly most of the time. They mostly never dance in weddings and no other “crazy” behavior. I am obviously a very much affected person, hence the ramblings.
Anyway, Its also something to do with believing that having too much fun might mean that you wont do well in life or achieve you goals.

Guess what!!  Serious or not, YOU my fellow earthling are going to get PWNED by life anyway!

So the only way you can get back at life is by actually freaking out having fun every now and then.

By being serious and stressed out, you lose either way. You were so serious and still got owned and the other guy was frolicking around and he too got owned, no brownie points for seriousness.
To think of it more grimly, many times there is no brownie point for hard work also (lulz)..sometimes its just fate. But atleast there is some logical reason to believe in hard work.

Make no mistake, I am not like all of a jolly person  ,I write this post because I feel that I take things way too seriously, and I am one who believes in achieving goals no matter what it takes.But I have decided that I have to loosen up and that I have to have fun, at any cost.

Work hard and please play real hard.