Hill Tribes of Thailand

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Visiting the Hill Tribes of Thailand gave me a lot of mixed feelings. From whether at all it is ethical to visit a place such as this to thoughts about how the modern culture seeps into even the most preserved and isolated societies of the world, and at the same time how beautifully people accept the modern and blend it with their own ways to form different evolved version of the olden culture. It was amazing to get a glimpse of the cultural osmosis. Well, I guess the blending of old and modern happens everyday in front of me even in India, why, even at my own home, but looking at it from a distance and in a different context sort of hit me on my face. It was fascinating to note that most of these villagers followed Christianity, in a country that is predominantly Buddhist I wasn’t exactly expecting the hill tribes to be of any particular religion at all! These tribes are originally from Laos, Burma and Myanmar who came into Thailand and have settled in these Thai government sponsored encampments that tourists can visit.


This gilr below was absolutely the cutest saleswomen I have ever dealt with!



 Karen- Padong tribe (Long neck and ear tribes)

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And these stunning beauties!

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These groovy hand made ties 


Hmong tribe batik


And finally, life in general – Pretty much the same all over the world across 🙂



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