Hanoi – Vietnam

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Recently me and my dad went backpacking, or rather flashpacking, to Vietnam and Cambodia! Everything about the trip was unconventional, starting from the random selection of the locations, not having an agenda and most importantly me and my dad didn’t fight even once! 😉
First we landed in Hanoi, the capital, they say there are no specific “sights” in Hanoi; you just soak in the whole of the city’s pulse.. Very true..The sights are all around!
Foothpaths full of small stools and tables, steaming hot pho that has been cooked with fresh ingredients in front of you..These sites can make anyone REALLY hungry.



Vietnam is certainly not a vegetarian paradise, but one can certainly survive. I never get out of a country without getting a taste the local flavors, so my only option was to custom make every dish without the meat. I’m sure there might have been chicken broth or fish sauce in the dishes I tried, but I chose to simply ignore it… Some of the dishes I liked were Pho Chay (I guess it means vegetable pho), Com Chien (fried rice with peanuts?), Mi Xao Mem (egg noodles)..


I don’t remember the name of this particular dish, it had pineapples, bean sprouts and something that looked like a bulb of a flower’s stamen…(update! it was Inoki Mushroom)

Decorations around the city celebrating Tet : Lunar new year :






















So many caged birts around the city..

Random buddhist temple and the beautiful incense coil

Orchids , Cherry Blossoms and Kumquats as decoration for Tet..
 Around the Hoan Kiem Lake

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  1. They say Vietnam is a photographer’s heaven, I can see why! Fantastic pics! I wish I could operate a simple Point & Shoot properly 🙁

  2. Pretty good place it seems…your conclusion (not to make list of places to visit, rather taking it easy)holds true of any place one visits…if one has to really soak in the spirit of the place.

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