My name is Swathi Sridharan and I like to keep it real. Being yourself in a world of virtual reality, crazy fads and personal brands is genuinely becoming tougher each day, but one has to try. It’s a process.

I am a Bombay girl, but bits of me are made up of all the cultures I am closely exposed to.May I fancy calling myself a constantly curious culture connoisseur? 🙂

I take pictures. I Love art and science. I practice martial arts and sarcasm, separately! I am into making things, may it require operating anything from a sewing machine to a drilling machine. I spend the majority of my time being a business consultant, which I like because it lets me nurture ideas.

Ethics. I highly recommend.

Wearing my heart upon my sleeves has been really beneficial. It has inadvertently thickened my skin, helping me go places, meet new people, swim in glittery as well as murky waters and generally be open minded.

I am allergic to associating myself with words ending with -ist, such as feminist, atheist, etc. Not that I am apathetic. That’s not cool. Just that I am not too sure what all these words exactly mean and end up portraying, and I would despise ending up a hypocrite. Opinions? Yes, always have them, but open to change if some thing else makes more sense. In short, I am still figuring out.

I started Heart Upon My Sleeve back in 2009 as a blogger website, decided to shift to wordpress in 2015.


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